The day the Doctor told me I had Renal (kidney) cancer,
I stood right up and said:
-“Letz ROCK N ROLL, what do we do now!?”
-He said: did you hear me?
You have cancer.
-I said “yes I did hear you, What do I do now, I’m gonna face this Bitch head on”
My Mom, Doctor & Nurses were speechless.

I truly believe that reaction helped me in my Fight. My Attitude & Strength surprised a lot of people. Even myself.
Some even thought I was in Denial.

I was not. I have cancer. I’m not dead yet, Now let’s move on.

Straight up, No Bullshit.

Still today, this is my Attitude to others who are going through it or know someone with it.
Fight & Live your life, your life to remember, Be Alive.

That’s why it was so Easy to make the Title for My Annual fundrai$ers.

“KICK cancers A$$!”
It’s Bold, Tough, BADDA$$!
It’s inspiring, makes you wanna, Stompdown & KICK cancers A$$!
Doesn’t it?…

cancer is rude & in your face.
It’s like a body invasion!
Doesn’t ask to come in. It just takes over our Bodies, mentally & Physically.

cancer really pisses me off.
I hate that it consumes you & everyone in your circle. I hate how it controls & affects so many, involved directly or not. It’s truly a MIND FUCK!

It doesn’t Own us or define who we are. WE own Our Souls, our thoughts.

Scared Shitless, Fuck ya!
Of Course! I’m Human…
But for Right now I’m alive.
Eat when I need to Eat.
Puke when I need to Puke.
Sleep when I need to Sleep.

No crying, no sadness. Do that elsewhere. Nothing negative,
Smiles only, I had asked, actually demanded it from the people whom loved & cared about me.
I could see it was hard, I couldn’t bare looking at the pain my fuckn cancer was causing them. Broke my heart in half, but they did it for Me.

Hugs, Loves & plain ol normalcy.
Come on over, smoke a joint, do tea.
Just like every other time we Visit ;)—~

I had Renal cancer.
My body weight had dropped to 86pnd.
I was in constant pain, I was tired, vomited regularly, fevers.
wicked night sweats…
My face looked skeleton-like.
Walking on the street I was looked down upon & got called an “AIDS carrying, down on her luck druggie.”
People have no fuckin clue.
& Who the Hell are they to judge?!
I never felt so Dirty, ugly & Sick in my entire life.

While time was going by when I was waiting for my surgery date, my Bro-Bud Lincoln & some other buddies Mark & Quin, were talking about getting some bands together & do a fundraiser to show support & help Me.

Well, I’m one of the LUCKY ones!
My kidney was removed & the cancer was gone 🙂 I still have yearly check-ups & so far so good!

So for my 1-year cancer-FREE anniversary,
I thought well instead of my buddies doing me a fundraiser, I’d rather throw a huge party, celebrate & Pay it Forward!!!
And Why not for cancer Research!
Science has come along way in the last 20yrs!!

I was sitting at a table of 8ppl for my Moms 65th birthday dinner.
3 of us had beaten cancer, one was still fighting cancer in her Blood (*now cancer-FREE), that’s half the table that are survivors!
So Fuck-you cancer. See!
Stompdown & KICK that cancers A$$!

If it weren’t for my Mom, Family, Buds, Doctors, Nurses & Royal Jubilee Staff…
I certainly wouldn’t be here today!
Neither would so many others.
And to those that are gone,
You will Never be forgotten. Xoxo.

They say when there’s Pain, suffering there’s a silver lining.

My Silver lining is being Alive & now Because of these Events, I have met the most coolest, Real people on this Earth!

Within Our Music community of Rock n Roll, Punk, Heavy Metal & Killah Hip Hop!
Have all come together to support.
Play & join us in having a great fucking time ROCKn OUT at Our Events!

We have Silent Auctions, Raffles,
Door Prizes, Wheel of Fortune for Prizes!!
We are getting Bigger, Badder!
We are gonna,
Stompdown & KICK cancers A$$!
For so many more years to come!!!!!

THANK YOU to Almost 100 Sponsors throughout BC,
all the way from Frt. St. John to Tofino companies & buds that donate their time, including the buddies who have just come out for a beer or to help.
For everyone who comes out to PLAY! DANCE! & BID! show their support.

Lotsa Hugs & Kisses to the LOGANS PUB on 1821 Cook St, their Family for allowing us to Host this amazing Event every year there & supplying the best damn BEER n Food, (ommmmmfg Poutine) in Town.

I’m so heartfelt and touched to have the full support of Colwood Carmart with us & is one of Our Major Sponsors. Last year they donated a CAR! xo
Which was WON by a Sooke local 🙂

And of Course, a big HUGE Shout Out & a 1000 kisses to the Vancouver based EPHIN Store for designing Our “Inspiring & Attitude filled SDK.., Stompdown/KICK cancers A$$! Logo for our Tees & Hoodies.
They are the coolest, most BADDA$$! & even Sexiest KICKn cancers A$$’ clothing You will ever see!

Between the Compassion & the DOPEST people in Our B.C., EVERYTHING about these Events, ROCKS me Hard from inside my whole Heart.

We rai$e funds for the B.C. Cancer Research Foundation aka B.C.C.F.
None of us Survivors & their Families would be here without cancer Research.
Thanks so so much for All that you do.